“Recreations Hermetiques”





Science feel like things the vicissitudes of time and escalate rather than acquiring the increase. Men systems, welcomed on all sides, created disorder in the vast field of imagination, and most bizarre flowers were the product: these flowers have finally become so for the best books, the most rhetoric are deemed worthless if they are decorated.

Science from which all others derive, Nature one, fell into disrepute such, we hit all those ridiculous now that we know are delivered.

Using the laws of affinity, it claims to solve all the problems; Elements are either multiplied or destroyed; and those which admit no restrictions are placed with those in the Treaty, among the ignorant or men beside ourselves. [remember that Berthelot was opposed to the atomic theory]

Without pushing the affinity, chemical bases of the new philosophy, I think the less useless to the point that a true friend of truth is intended to achieve. I hear here from the knowledge of root causes on which all science must sit, and that affects to despise as some fox in the fable, which was whether he could take grapes: moreover these laws the affinity that modern scholars have argued as well that they do not lead to the source of our wonderful fountain of life [this is the animated Mercury], are far from being new discoveries: I appeal to all of them who have in good faith; and were recognized at least by the fact, when they were not yet in words.

The elements have a Centrum Centri that all eyes can not see; and they have a more Centrum Commune which called scholars do not dare to approach, for fear of revealing their turpitude (light). [centrum centri this is symbolized by the Sun sign: this is the SULPHUR, considered as a principle but not as the vulgar sulfur]

This caustic heat, accompanied by light, that fire is commonly called, is not the element of the name, which the sages wanted to talk. We take this occasion the effect for the cause, and it goes beyond the rhetoricians, who take at least the part for the whole. [it’s actually a heat Pontic principle whose sages tell us what excluded any acid, any etching, etc. Alchemists call the solvent metal and allows them to prepare wet metal radical]

Fire is a highly subtle fluid, proceeding directly from the light and which is called, sometimes Electric, Magnetic or sometimes Galvanic etc., according to its various modifications, or rather, it is the light itself derived from its source and she remains detached. It is neither cold nor hot, and heat or cold are not the body, despite what Mr Azais but mere effects of motion or rest. [there is no question in body effect but, as well dist Chevreul, organoleptic properties of matter, that is to say psycho sensory effects by which we think we see reality, then that it corresponds to only our perceptions, cf. Chevreul]

The only movement produces heat with all its consequences good or bad, each of which is in this condition to the application; and fire due to its greater subtlety, is also adapted to receive the pulse and to switch to the other body.

Air, Water and Earth are only the immediate consequences and subsequent formation of the fire. Detached from the home Light, accumulated loss of movement and repressed by a new and continuous emission of substance, has given itself forms we distinguish. In language, the simplest of these forms were called Elementals. [the Elements applied to alchemy, cf. Atlas Chevreul, in alchemical idea, V]

Light, principle of life and movement, can be considered the sole act of creation; everything else is the consequence. This was wanted to demonstrate Hermes, when he said in his Emerald Tablet: “What is above is similar. what is below and what is below is like what is going on, to do with these two things, the miracle of a single thing. “

The All in all things of BV [En To Pan Chrysopée of Cleopatra, cf. Chemistry of Veterans Berthelot] is only a short quote from the proposal and the truth it contains all the sages of antiquity have recognized, the universe returned or reversed signifying the unit received its denomination. I can still quote in support of my assertion, the Gospel of St. John, which says: “the light was in darkness, and the darkness did not grasp” [cf. The outgoing light from the Dark soy itself to Crasselame with a comment from Bruno Lanssac]; because its moral application only justify that served as a basis.

Aeriform and gaseous substances are rather chaotic nature qu’élémentaires and are reversed easily by the element they are closest. Meteora of all kinds, not excepting the fireballs or stones Air [cf. the black stone that holds Pessinus Cybele – symbol of athanor – in his hand, see our symbols] of them take their origin, though their form is any air, and shows that they are under the control of this Element ; but, as everything that shines is not OR, everything that has the appearance of lightness and air, not air; it is the medium in which these substances derive their form this term that belongs . [so Philaletes wrote a chapter in his Introitus named Air des Sages]

Water, even of rain and dew [on the dew of the Wise, Mutus Liber and see our alchemical emblems] is a compound of gaseous substances which fire and light action gave the form of water; but it is the form and not the substance to be considered here as Element, or I mean by making it as the link, and which is also that of all bodies, even glass. [glass is omnipresent throughout the alchemical symbolism; it is not for nothing when you consider that the material of the stone is only the 3rd oleum vitri work, cf. alchemical stained glass Bourges – on the glass, see the Art of glassware Loysel and Twelve Lessons on glassware Péligot]

The Earth we grow it is not the element that we represent him. It is the fact that a large pile of debris the bodies of the three kingdoms in the path of destruction [referring to the breakdown products of feldspars, whose last representative was none other than clay, cf. Studies metamorphism Daubrée and Delesse Mercury and our nature]; it is true to say that it contains some portions of the earth first and elementary because independently of the water supply it constantly, it takes the form itself by its daily destruction. So the end of all things is like its beginning and death becomes the principle of a new life: that is what the ancients have recognized and experienced, and that we have shown in the form of the serpent biting its tail to perpetuate the memory. [the serpent Ouroboros immortalized by the coverage of the Origins of Alchemy Berthelot]

So when you read some of the ancient treatise on the study of Nature, do not hear element for flood substances, stodgy and deadly I just point out to you, but look at the Centrum Centri-by some ingenious processes and your own fund [the secret is to revive the dead, that is to say, to revive the metallic lime; the dissolving of metals is the way to resurrection that alchemists called their Mercury]; because the wise and want both to prevent abuse, the desecration of this science, by which the company could be disrupted and destroyed. Do not be afraid to indulge in the study of our science, and use it to deepen and know the secrets, all the efforts of the reasoning, since only this way out of the maze in which you you may be slightly engaged. Please do expect no proof of what we say, because no one will be tempted to administer: I mean this gives irrevocable proof that the experience but as others have gained by the only means that I give you, do not despair of success; I dare assure you, if you decide to follow my advice and you will not depart: because I teach you the right way and you want to get out of Lost which the road is strewn everywhere.

“Return the elements, says Aristotle, and you will find what you want.” [parable of the Flood faced by disiciples of Hermes. Fulcanelli devotes several pages in his trilogy: literally, back elements, that is to say retrace his steps or anastrojh: this is the subject of réincrudation] This proposal, one of the most important having put minds in motion, everyone began looking for a raw material to achieve this goal thinking that isolated elements could lead to it, while a body that was just made, still in his state simplicity, was the only one that could reasonably can to get the point of perfection. By dint of searching, some have finally met; but finding nothing in nature capable of dissolving, despite its simplicity and that can extract the elements in any other way, they caught sight will go back to their common source having drawn there, they finally came happily obtained their purpose .

So be assured that no igneous water composed of pure light of the sun and the moon, [it is the starry metal and water, one in which, through hard work, the first sign that the Adept will be this alternation where matter is star or flower] you will be unable to overcome the many obstacles still multiply your eyes, when you attempt the passage of this famous Strait [this is an allusion to the journey of the Argonauts In the episode of Symplegades Cyanean or rocks that signal the end of putrefaction, cf. Pernety, Fables Egyptian and Greek] which leads to the sea wise, this water a few rightly called universal spirit and the English Dikinson enough is known, is a great virtue and penetration, that all the body that are affected, easily return to their first being [wet metal radical].

I have already made known that it was not rain water or dew that suited this, I will add here that it is not either a water fungus species commonly called Flos Coeli or Flower of Heaven and that we take very improperly Nostoch for the elders, [we have seen this nostoc repeatedly: it is cited by Fulcanelli, and Peter E. Canseliet Dujols in its hypotyposis; we must see the allegory of the Moon or sputum white foam that hides the secret of capturing the White Sulphur cf. fugiens comment to Atalanta] but admirable artifice of water drawn by the sun and moon. I still say that salts and other magnets employed to pull moist air are good for nothing in this circumstance, and there is the only fire of Nature which we can here usefully serve. [remarks are obviously envious since alkali plant is of necessity] This fire shut up in the center of all the body needs some movement to acquire this attractive and universal property that is if you need, and it does there is in the world one body where it is with this condition, but it is so common that the encounter wherever man can go; This is why I believe that it will not be difficult to meet. [the two bodies that hear the author are appointed by alchemists Magnet and Steel; they are the subject of one of Cyliani allegories in his Hermes Unveiled, cf. Material]

Bruno de Lansac, author of the commentary on the work entitled The light coming out of darkness, says wisely saw that fire air and that the places where the air is most abundant to look Sulfur wise; because it calls this water either sulfur or mercury, especially since it contains both and enjoys their properties. [it is not something other than Fulcanelli says when he writes that the alchemists speak of their material such as SULPHUR MERCURY or in the form it affects; he speaks of course of the lively Mercury, ie philosophical] This is however not quite to the letter that we must take these words. I only recommend to closely monitor this author when reviewing the Kingdoms of Nature it is a clear demonstration of the use and usefulness of this element for the maintenance of all of them. This chapter will be well meditated a great help to lovers of science, and I can not too strongly urge them to make the subject of a particular study.

I said that the light was the common source of not only the elements, but of all that exists, and that it is to her, as was his principle that all must refer. The Sun and the fixed Stars that send us so profusely are like generators; but the Moon placed intermediately, the moisture attrempant, conveyed a generative virtue by which regenerates all down here.

Everyone now knows that the light that the moon sends us, is only a loan so the Sun, which mingles the light of other stars. [passage cited by E. Canseliet in his Alchemy explained on his classical texts. This is apparently Canseliet that drew attention to this anonymous text] Moon is therefore the common receptacle or fireplace which all philosophers have heard: it is their source of living water [cf. Atalanta, XLV]. So if you want to reduce water the rays of the sun, choose the moment when the moon transmits us abundantly, that is to say when full, or it approaches its full: you will have by this means the igneous water of the Sun and Moon rays in its greatest strength [cf. zodiac alchemical].

But it is still necessary to fill some of the provisions, without which you would need a clear and water.

There is only one proper time to do this harvest astral minds. This is when nature regenerates; because at that time the whole atmosphere is filled with the universal spirit. Trees and plants which turn green again and the animals that engage in urgent need of generation, we are particularly known its benign influence. Spring and autumn [attention is drawn to the first three signs of the work: see the emblem of the Hermetic Triumph Limojon] are therefore seasons that you should choose for this work; but spring is especially preferable. In summer, because of the excessive heat that dilate and hunt mind, and winter because of the cold that keeps him and prevents him from exhaling are appetizers. In the south of France work can be started in March and resumed in September [that is to say that the dissolution begins at Aries and it ends in Libra; cf. our scheme of the zodiac and propitious times for the work]; but in Paris and the rest of the kingdom, it is rather that in April we can start the sap and the second is so small that it would be a waste of time to take care of in the fall.

We now know that the astral influence is felt preferably to the North; it is to the north [referring to Seven oxen around the North Star, allegory often used in the texts, see commentary on fugiens Atalanta; there is also a reference to the Magnet] that constantly rotates the magnetic needle, and that it is also to the north that the fluids Electric, Magnetic and Galvanic carry all their efforts, so as to this region that you turn your device, because experience has shown that any other side you would find not the spirit.

It is also necessary that the sky is pure and he has no wind other than the agitated cool night, [nox arcana, cf. alchemical emblazoned on the dew of May and the symbolism of Zeus] because without it we would get a very small mind and incapable of action.

We can start work as soon as the sun has set, and continue throughout the night; but should be discontinued when it rises, because its light disperses the mind, and no longer collects a useless and harmful phlegm.

Philosophers have held very far these secret things; they have spoken very obscurely, and still under the veil of allegory. On Espagnet [The Secret Work of Hermes, Natural Philosophy Restored], the Cosmopolitan [Alexandre Sethon, New Light chymical Twelve or treaties; see also the apocryphal Salt Treaty] and some others were ingenious descriptions of the spring season.

Nicolas Flamel, to designate the northern region, feigned a trip to Saint-Jacques de Compostela, [Fulcanelli again has shown that this trip was perfectly fictitious; the nickname flamel, cf. Hieroglyphic figures, the Desire Desire, or the flamel Testament Nicolas Alchemy] where he returned with a Jewish doctor turned [it is Master Canches or Mercury dying in large vomiting] who, having taught the biggest features of the work, died at Orleans, where he had him buried at Holy Cross.

We see the sky the Milky Way which runs from noon to the north where it forms two branches whose direction is variable due to the movement of the earth, and whose Compass follows the variation. The Milky Way is commonly called the Way of Saint-Jacques, because the pilgrims and the means, and that it serves as guidance during the Night for their big trip; it is also the Hermetic philosopher guide that recognizes in the south where it originates, and follows to the north where his mouthpiece. The converted Jewish doctor is the Mercury that he is on his way, and as is known, reveals all the secrets of art, when it is possessed. [Fulcanelli had read this text as found in Myst. Cath. absolutely similar story. Recall that Chevreul had it in his library mss the Jardin des Plantes, cf. Chevreul funds] Flamel designates him as doctor because it purges the metals from their leprosy and is truly a medicine. [this is where the adepts placed antimony as “false friend”. This metalloid still finds its supporters … Newton has devoted much of his own studies, cf. symbols and alchemical manuscripts of Newton] He actually a converted Jew, because the Light rises in the East and it is just a job. Finally, he killed and buried in Orleans on St. Croix to announce its attachment: that the cross marking the four cardinals points of the atmosphere shows more positively. This is a lie of the author of the book entitled Hermippus Redivivus [it is a treaty that is not included in major collections: Johann Heinrich Cohausen: Hermippus redivivus, or the triumph of the wise old age and the grave; containing a method to extend the life & the strength of man; Translation of the Englishman, according to Dr. Cohausen, and the second edition of London. By the square. Paris [Brussels]: Maradan 1789] tending to accredit fool system that the quote he made the alleged travel N. Flamel and he dares to support the relationship that was made by him, saying his two followers friends and affirming its long existence.

BV told Adolphe [there is a passage from the Ashdod] coming out of an underground in Rome, and holding in his hand a small lead box containing the parabolic figure of the old Adam:

“In my extreme delight, I looked to the south where the lions are hot, and then I turned north where are the bears. “

Saint Didier, author of the Hermetic Triumph, in his Letter to the disciples of Hermes, said that

“The study of this science is like a path in the sands where you have to drive by the North Star.”

This star has always been considered as the guide some of our philosophy, and it was she who led the shepherds to the manger where the Saviour of the world was based. There are books entitled The North Star or philosopher, but the abuse which makes this emblem too many pseudonyms of authors, to give relief and make search, the review covered both défaveurs of it has lost much of its price. [again, another passage where Fulcanelli many rambled, as Canseliet. This transposition of the Christian world in the field of hermetic had its heyday in medieval alchemy time and was then taken by the scholastics of the Renaissance, Marsilio Ficino and as Pico della Mirandola. See the Chrysopée Lord of the pseudo-Lully; see also our St John the Baptist or our Isenheim Altarpiece]

Be aware that the astral mind being the foster father of the stone, it is necessary to collect a large amount. This harvest can be done in one go, so we will use them all the time that the work will last at least three years [that is to say, three years hermetic which do not correspond to the time ” legal “. There appears flaw read three airtight days]; because it does not have to stick to what the authors say about the time their speech being only puzzles or allegories fabrics which I will explain elsewhere. Returning to the main topic of philosophy.

All the wise men agree, and this is an undeniable truth that the work is one thing you do adds nothing and abroad which there is nothing to subtract the filth and superfluities. Thus speaks B. Trevisan; and that he has borrowed from the philosophers who preceded him, was supported and unanimously repeated by those who followed. [which would tend to mean the opposite, though Trevisan is part of the least envious followers. We have shown in our Fontenay that add nothing to the material equivalent to having a Mercure “white” … which we could not do anything if we do not mix, specifically, the sun’s rays and Moon. This has been the subject of mythological analogies drawn from fables of Diana, cf. symbols]

Many people, hearing this wrong unit of the stone, put in a vessel they call a philosophical egg, one subject of their choice, they take on a light bulb or that they imagine, and wait and vainly dissolution. Others make amalgams, and are not better informed. They make no progress by many here are the main reasons:

1) – They work on dead matter; and when it will be on the real subject of philosophy, the vase and fire are not proportionate to it. [referring to the nature of the vase and the weight]

2) – They do not know that from the beginning to the end of the work, our material is double-I mean she has an agent and a patient without whom there would be no action in the ship that made Agent Male office and that of female patients, and both together, although separated by their nature, are only one body that is appointed for this purpose Rebis or two things in one. [This is one of the most important points of the work that is exposed. Again, you’d read the Cathedrals Fulcanelli of the Mysteries. The concept of agent and patient is fundamental home. The agent will be deemed to solar ray igneous and patient, Salt, that is to say the White Sulphur]

3) – Finally, their work is quite the reverse of that of Nature; for they can neither dissolve nor putrefy or distilled, or sublimate nor any of our operations. However they do not leave to undertake, saying to themselves: this is the work of Nature that we only need to lend a hand, it is to her to finish. And walking in blind, and with so much confidence, they are bound to run into each step they take in an obscure maze. [same comment, with stylistic devices that are found in E. Canseliet.]

We read in the Gospel that does not come from Lys on Brambles nor figs instead of grapes; such is the seed, and that will be the fruit, but a bad tree can not produce good fruit, and that for this it must be cut down and thrown in the fire; but those reasons do not affect them, and they are no less confident of success. However seeing the bad end of their work, they should make amends and acknowledge their fault; but, far from it, they attribute it to some accident they could not foresee, and recover with greater courage still in their stupid book. But let these ignorant swell at leisure vain smoke and we occupy more than choosing a due matter and its preparation.

It is under review the substance of the three kingdoms, as examine their composition, to know what they were trained. At first sight, this difficulty seems insurmountable. It is large, indeed, but not as much as might be imagined; because:

1) – All we need for this work, nor Alembic nor Retorts, let alone salts, ardent spirits, or Corrosive acids etc. [this is wrong for the work of the second work where one prepares Mercure items]

2) – We know moreover that all things of this world have a common origin, and that they differ only by the mixture of elements, but as I have portrayed above.
It remains for us in the third place that look exactly the point of their training.

Consider that Heaven and Earth have existed first; Heaven for an agent or male, and patient Earth or female gave birth to all things. [This is one of the great Hermetic truths. Its application to the chemistry was immediate: Heaven symbolizes the Mercury which is dissolved or Sulphur dye. The Earth is the receptacle or Toyson Gold Gideon; SEL is the Paracelsus or Arsenic Geber. This is the BODY of Fulcanelli] However they were not distinct from one another, and they first formed a dark mass and abominable. but the light having been separated, and both having been established, the mass moved off and gave signs of life. The elements were formed, the Universe and everything in it seemed then, and this admirable order of things remains since then, and remain so until it pleases the Ombudsman Sovereign to change it.

Life as we like to consider it, is but a battle of two substances, or a continuous interchange of light and darkness, one of these substances alternately takes the place of another, and is sometimes function male, sometimes female, so that when it pleases the divine author, everything turns into pure light or back in the Cimmerian darkness [Cimmerian darkness, cf. Fulcanelli, Dwellings of the Philosophers, vol. II, p. 140 and t. I when he wrote “the Cimmerian mountains.” See also some details of the voyage of the Argonauts, especially when they go to Crete and the words of Denis Zachaire when he evokes the great eclipse of the Sun and Moon which Llull speaks], which shows that light and darkness are that same, changed shape and value by developing or tightening of the substance, that there comes a mutual attraction where spring, with movement, elementary inversion of the substance.

Who habet aures audiendi, Audiat

Now consider that the same way and the same material of which the world was created, the work of the wise is revealed, and that is why it has been called the little world or microcosm. So I said to you in a few words all you have to do for this great company.

So take the land first which is only one pure light surrounded by darkness, and then decrease in its principles with the torn stone without hands from the top of the mountain, in order to recognize in it three distinct substances are salt, sulfur and mercury, which are skillfully joint with the two which matter is formed, namely Heaven and Earth, form an admirable Quintessence whose virtues are infinite and incomprehensible. [§ everything is woven cable and it starts with a phrase which resonates two thousand years of hermetic. This land first or Adamic earth is none other than the White Sulphur mining: it is this pure light, the whiteness that made the importance of the ancient land of Chios and Samos, cf. chemistry and alchemy. As for the stone torn from the top of the mountain, it is similar to that resulting fumes indicate that Pliny in his Hist. Nat., Of “that stone which is not stone” in short this vitriolic material where you can see a guhr, cf. Vitriol Tripied.]

This wonderful stone appeared in a dream to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, and came shatter and pulverize a large statue he saw standing before him, and whose head was of the purest gold, chest, shoulders and arms silver belly and thighs of brass, the legs of iron and clay there was amalgamated with human seed, but that was their adherent point either as iron can not be mixed with clay . [Babylon refers to the Roman vitriol – cf. Atalanta, XXV – since Rome can be likened to Babylon].

(Above: the two materials: porch Stock Exchange Bourges – cliché Alain Mauranne We see the two rams of tradition, Ares usual veiling Aries, here the alchemical torque shows us such a painting represents the famous ram Chrysomelle, both seen by John the Baptist and John the Evangelist)

Nebuchadnezzar just scared of this vision, summoned all the wise men of his kingdom, and demanded of them, on pain of death, they devinassent his dream and might give a correct interpretation; none of them was able to overcome. There was throughout the UK that a young man named Daniel and filled with the spirit of God, which could satisfy his request (Daniel, c. 2, v. 18).

This dream can be applied entirely to the work of the wise, and serve him Parabolic figure. We’ll see, for example, the Magi of Babylon, peat false scholars striving in vain to hear the science, still trying to persuade that they possess, and resulting in lost track those who engage in them too good faith in Daniel a son of wisdom, to whom the secrets of nature are known, and can provide a healthy and true explanation.

The statue will be our Metallic Tree [this is the Arbore solari, cf. Fontenay] from its top to its root wherein are still confused Saturn and Jupiter Mercury as the first origin of metals [in fact, these three planets, more than metals, are hieroglyphics some salted mediators, what forget too. See Saturn rather the sign of a sulfide or sulfate; Jupiter some mineral or metallic lime. Finally, Mercury has the form in which lime must be primed]. Iron and clay mixed with human seed will represent Nature Artwork featured with hands; and the Stone cut without hands from the top of the mountain, and from breaking the feet of the statue and reduce to fine powder, will be taken or lightning that launches Jupiter, or the scythe of Saturn that you must skillfully exchange against the trident of Neptune, [that is round or carousel, if preferred, elements of the work, which is thus named: the zodiac solves the problem, applied to the microcosm of the alchemist] through some key I give you until Pluto showing jealous, and blowing from the depths of his cave in turn shows his power, by drying the water, and reducing tree ash or dust you he will sow and many precious stones. [Everything is said here. This is the dry track assation phase that marks the track of Pluto or if you prefer to Ploutos because of the desert, born the heavenly Jerusalem, cf. wet metal radical]

The Ancients, jealous of their secret, discussed the matter in its various aspects, in order to deceive the credulity of avaricious and ambitious people who dream only power and devastation. They confused with the philosophy about their raw material that gets only after much time and long work. Being in no way involved in their envy, I wanted to let you finger the subject as desired purpose and put it naked before your eyes, to deliver you to search the longest. I hope you know me appreciate my candor, and you will reap the most advantageous party, however, warning you to add my words a little grain of salt, you make them more susceptible.

Ferrara painted thereon as a stone which is not stone, which is hard and soft, and which is of no value; but if you want me to believe you will attach more about this said that the count of Treviso, because it was less envious than anyone, having painted this very topic at length in his Arca Aperta

(B. Husson points out that the author made a confusion and restores the exact quote from “The outgoing light by oneself of Darkness” which refers to Arca Aperta Here’s the quote:. “The Count Bernard, defending take to the philosophical work animals, plants and minerals, adds, and metals only as if to say metals that have remained alone and agent, as explained by the author of the book entitled Arca Aperta, having made an extensive description of materials that are not propes our work, in his work. “)

and having made an extensive description of materials that are not our own work, in another work. Then I give you the advice of the illustrious commentator outgoing light from darkness, Bruno de Lansac, “Choose, he says, a material that has the shiny metallic”

(B. Husson again restores the exact quote Bruno Lansac: “We must take the metal especially gasoline there is not only power, but in act and that there is a metallic splendor”) [gloss metal does not necessarily mean the metal, but the brightness.]

and I will add her not be metal or mineral, otherwise it would be useless. You know, moreover, that this is only the brilliant character of matter and which detects the eyes of the wise, and you shall observe to take the fruit instead of the root; because not only is it immature, but in an opposite hypothesis, it would still give you that you do tireriez sauvageon any party.

Dissolution is the first thing you need to undertake, because it takes the body to turn loose the enemies faced. Or fire and water are much needed here, especially as these are already enemies of their nature and just waiting to try their forces.

The mind, which I mentioned above, is defeated by a fire water you will use for this purpose. [Here some explanations are necessary, otherwise nothing understandable: the mind is seen in the direction of animated Mercury; Fire is the Sulphur, defeated first by water or Mercury – the common way -. Note that the Mercury participates WATER and FIRE. But it is then, sulfur has been brewed and, accordingly, it is said philosophical. Instead of the common Mercury – but not vulgar point there is a nuance – proceeds from the UAE and AIR. Look on it Atlas Chevreul, in alchemical idea, V] You emplirez Nature Vase [which contains the olei vitri] and you slow fire to distill the déflegmer. You will find at the bottom something fixed you keep to withdraw. You will pay over new spirit in the same proportion, and you will continue as distillation, until the camel can do more to contain, and that everything remains fixed to the bottom. By continuing fire to the same degree, you soon will see some agitation in your power vessel, but also in action, and that there is a metallic splendor.

Agitation caused by a small Southwest wind [cf. Atalanta fugiens comment on the winds of the work] which will be followed by a very pleasant rain in sight. The wind and rain from growing you will not see that in the vessel like a sea that will be more and more agitated until finally pacified the elements, everything is in order of nature. But the day gave way to night, darkness grows and the vessel is of a perfect black. This is the fiftieth Night, and she appeared three sailors because of fatigue they wiped. The day dawn, the horizon is clear and cloudless; the day will be beautiful.

This manner of expression is common to almost all ancient authors, and it is not uncommon to find players who take these words literally. The wind and rain are realities for them, and for them credulity embraces the smallest details of the allegory. This one, I’m going back in the right direction, will facilitate their understanding of others.

The vase Nature is the land that must be prepared to drink her mind. It is called a vessel, and it is indeed, since it contains. The spirit is added him is not a foreign thing since everything is out of it, and our earth is formed; that is why it is said to bring back the child in the womb: what can do that by ripping his guts. [This operation is one of the major operations – literally – of the work and it is that of dissolution. The repair period is that of the so-called réincrudation] We also need our land is divided in its smaller parts to reveal his great wealth, and so it shall be, if you often Soak his mind and that you let dry out as often. In this operation, phlegm evaporates, but the spirit remains and incorporated with the land he salified until saturation is complete; then the spirit is added that can no longer be contained on one reacts land set and forces him to dissolve and would salt; which is why this solution is compared to a sea; and because the spirit is added is joined to an alterative corrompante and humidity, it follows from the fermentation mixture a movement which is followed by putrefaction, and therefore regeneration, because the fermentation exchange bodies of Nature, and putrefaction, they do that exchanging their clothes against new and even more rich and brilliant, the Spirit Engine is a more upright origin. [but here the secret is kept. Because everything what is stated the author is conceivable only through the wet, when we know that the latter does not lead either to an impasse or to auric dissolutions, cf. our wet]

What the Material may contain moisture, without pouring outside, that’s the extent [nature of weight compared to the weight e art: Followers believe that the weight of nature is known to God. But moisture in question has nothing to do with ordinary water: it is igneous water or, if preferred, aqueous fire issue … Also it would -it some interest in bringing this famaeux weight nature of the extent of the fire. E. Canseliet ensures that here, watching melodic lines is not to neglect] to observe for imbibitions, and what we call the weight of Nature.

The material used as a vase, also serves as a furnace, because mind you enter there is a natural fire that cooked and digests to serve me, to the end, philosophical expressions.

It should not be less than fifty ablutions; because each ablution until the perfect drying, is counted as a natural or philosophical day; so that these days can last a week following season, the quality and quantity of material subjected to work. The great secret of the Wise to shorten the time is to divide the material, so that the days are less in length.

Although we may serve our common point of light for our operations, it is nevertheless certain that we need a temperature high enough that evaporation can take place and that the material does not languish and be lost. It is therefore useful and essential in the winter and in the workplace, to do a little fire, but not enough for the material to be heated, which would be worse than to have none; because the spirit would be hunted and could not be replaced. It is not necessary that the temperature rises five degrees Reaumur (18 ° C). [Again, this may not be realistic. Hunting spirit, hermetic language, is to burn the flowers, not having seen the extent necessary: ​​it is somehow distasteful]

When operated well and that the material dissolves, it turns black as. It is added to it in these various times that the mind needed to maintain its fermentative fire; and when the material begins to ferment, it must abandon its own fire until the perfectly white as it comes of itself.

The material is not liquid as a slurry, but thick and black as pitch or boot polish; it swells, rises in the cup gives desbBulles as compared to fish eyes and that we should not die because they contain the animating spirit. [cf. our symbols: this is one of the darkest points of the tradition]

After fermentation, the material collapses; it is then shining like pitch, and the finest black; it is the sign of putrefaction that is called Raven head. It then dries slowly and passes to gray ash. Soon a circle of hair more brilliant whiteness appears around the ship. This circle widens increasingly until everything is perfectly white. [this is the famous color schemes that are one of the mysteries of the magisterium thicker. It is remarkable that Chevreul is not perceived the importance of these colors, he, who, however, has so worked in this field, cf. biography … Again, nothing real appears to exist and everything must be understood with the mind: this is what suputait Fulcanelli. Also there will we see the symbolic steps of the work. We have already had occasion to say that this capillary circle – the colors of the peacock’s tail. – Distinguishes the beginning of radical conjunction of principles, such as leaves to hear the text of the Rosary.]

Before this happens whiteness, it seems some colors on the matter, which dominates the green, but they are not very pronounced, and are only temporary and of short duration. Nevertheless, compared to Iris or the rainbow sky. Only in subsequent operations they have a very pronounced character.

You have reviewed, without noticing, our different kinds of lights, first, to the fermentation, is called a double boiler, or sea, because it operates in a way that a saline solution [attention is made on the soda ash or soda, as well as admirable Glauber’s salt or sodium sulphate]. The second is called heat manure, and you now know why. The third is called fire ash; and finally the fourth fire streetlight. [manure called the barn; it is an indication of saltpeter. Fire ash speaks for itself: it evokes the ashes of plants and refers to the fixed alkali addition it evokes the fire ashes, that is to say, the animated Mercury] We still others species lights, but who knows the first, undoubtedly knows all the others. Moreover we will post them in passing.

You will notice here that this work resembles that of the gardeners who water their gardens. What happens in this circumstance it? Topsoil which, as I watched you from the beginning, is formed as remnants of the body deteriorates and breaks down by recessive drought and humidity, and salt and provides a spirit whose plant feeds by means of the water it absorbs and which is the driver.

I return to the bleached material which is still far from the goal where you have to drive it.

Nevertheless, the main lock is open, there is more to enter the sanctuary, but always with caution in order not to fail and be forced to stop in so good way.

(post Bourges: the opening of the Philosophical Egg; Gemini of the work – cliché Alain Mauranne)

This white powder or reclaimed material is Mercury still a child, and to whom we must give wings of an eagle head and heels, that is to say from the feet to the head, so that he can fly, and rise to the highest region which is heaven. We must sublimate it as many times as in its dissolution in the astral spirit, it will leave behind land that will rush you and it will gather with great care. Philalethes calls these sublimations eagles [see the Air of the Wise]; especially as mercury acquires whenever great subtlety, and compares the Earth that Mercury throws back to the tail that leaves behind the vulgar mercury, as it is not purified enough. “Wash, he said your Mercury and purify by salt and vinegar until it leaves no tail behind him, sinking on a flat surface. “We shall soon know what he means by salt and vinegar and we already have an overview.

When Mercury dissolves the astral spirit, and we were separated by decantation and the earth lotion, to lose nothing, we put the solution in a cool place, and he made a deposit of three salts namely, a cottony, swimming at the surface and is mercury; the second is routed and nature of Nitre, and is between two waters; and the third which is a fixed and mineral salt that settles at the bottom. [it seems that here it is referred to the second work, when preparing the Mercury and Sulphur. Preparation of White Sulphur can be performed by alum and vitriol: a white powder is deposited, which is a fixed earth whose nature was not yet known at the time of Lemery, cf. chemistry and alchemy]

In the state shown here Mercury, it would pull dyeing plant, and would make a medicine. It is medicine itself, because if you put in the value of grain at the foot of an almost dead tree and that the arrosât, it would take a new force; but that would eat his wheat grass to stop there; we must continue the work.

The other two salts, they are reduced to similar mercury first, continuing the operation. To this end, when the salts were separated, the second species is dissolved in the astral spirit to water the fixed salt dissolve, to ferment and putrefy: and as he was not in great abundance enough to complete operation, it completes the imbibitions with dissolved Mercury, and we proceed as before, by the nature of weight. [astral spirit by means of dissolving metals; it is the common or green Mercury Lion]

Weight, if we are careful, here differs from the first, for the land needed only to be watered; but here it is necessary that the salt has dissolved and fixed until it can no longer receive moisture, it ferments, it rots and gives the same results as above, that is, -dire Mercure, then wash and you will separate the land to join it to the first.

To sublimate Mercury, ye separate it into two, you dissoudrez a half by the astral spirit, and you will by its means ablutions on the fixed part, as I have just taught you. You will continue your ablutions until complete dissolution, and then you let ferment and putrefy as before.

Here you have the second eagle mercury; and if you go to the seventh inclusively, this mercury will be very clean to dissolve gold, and it will dissolve without heat or boil, and how the ice melts in hot water; you will drive to the ninth inclusive, and you give him all the excitement he may be able to operate for greater things. But I warn you that if you wanted to go further, it would dissolve to the flint by the simple touch and you will not find more to contain the vase. [we pay here in the fully chimeric part of alchemy]

Each sublimation or eagle, you will separate the féculeuse black earth like the first time, and you join the first to make use as I will show you the second work; because the first was used entirely to how our mercury, but it is one that requires the most time. It is also the most difficult, which is why it is compared to the labors of Hercules, [on travux Hercules, cf. Fontenay Castle and Charles of Lorraine] he is surplus to the fair app: and when it is finished, the rest is looked more than a woman’s work, and a breeze. It is more effective than washing brass, or make a impastation, which applies very well or women caring for laundry, or children who make meatballs and clay snowmen or soggy ground. Lavare and impastare, in hoc consistet sapientum magisterium.

The time of this great and important operation is about two common years. And when it is over, learning our masonry because it is only this one true, this apprenticeship finished, he gave way to fellowship whose events are much shorter and less severe.

You finally have the hands that universal Mercury which the sages have talked so much, by his means, you can attack to the heart of Nature, and retrieve medicines or dyes of the three kingdoms, giving them the same time a fixity and perfection they could not have. This Mercure is truly the strength of all strengths mentioned by the learned Hermes Trismegistus, the fiery dragon that destroys all things, the spirit of wine, or rather the water spirits of Raymond Llull [ cf. Chryspoée collarbone and the Lord], and vinegar of Cosmopolitan [New Light chymical]. It dissolves and sets at the same time because it comes from the union of two opposing fires from each other, although having the same origin. The first is an acid and cold fire, it is the one that dissolves and produces fermentation; the second is alkaline and heat it produces decay and fixed compound. Therefore BV at the end of its twelve key alerts you to distinguish the cold with hot, in the application of your lights.

This is not yet the fermentative heat comes from the alkali rather than acid, since it is a mere effect of the movement, as you may have noticed at the beginning of this Treaty; but because the presence of the alkali determines and keeps for putrefaction. [Mercury is an alkali salt]

The Mercure is only a half a generation, now we must proceed with the exaltation of Sulphur. And did Flamel The Trevisan and you Can take gold leaf extract and tincture projecting it in your Mercury you have dissolved before. This route is not the most noble, but it is the shortest; it is only a special dye is obtained, but the mercury universalized in the work and the same result.

It is far nobler probably pull of matter that universal dye. So you take all your land from eagles, and with them you will proceed with new imbibitions with the astral spirit, until they turn red and are a reddish brown. This is what philosophers call the calcination. Dissolved Mercury and projected it will extract the dye, by means of which you can proceed to the Philosophical Marriage will make the perfection of the work, and will finish the work, except that multiplication is repeated as speed .

This tincture is the crown of the King you must shoot ash, why the sage Pythagoras and after him many repeated “Do not despise the Ashes because the crown of King contained therein. “This is where comes the custom to keep the ashes of the dead. BV said without his preface that “the crown of the King is very pure gold”; and elsewhere he says: “It is a crown pulled ashes. “[This is one of the most exact formulas to describe the work of the alchemist] Gold is this tincture which we speak, and ashes is the land of eagles you apart. [designing and gold is the Sulphur and the ash is the same material of which Mercury is made of the EAGLES Philaletes]

It also requires you to know that Mercury, which is the extraction of the coloring, which is called dry water does not wet hands, because, although it is a salt that wets point he only virtue to dissolve all bodies and water makes salts and gums. [This is a valuable indication of the form in which this Mercury. Fulcanelli in his trilogy, did well to see that it was a salt; this salt is also the SCEL of the work, which is not – mind you – an allegory but the exact truth] On the surface, the water is called a solvent, but in fact it does that divide. The dissolution occurs throughout nature only by means of fermentation, while the Mercury provides the same opportunities; but in the higher things where the presence of water is void, and shall act, and as she does, that separate substances or substances for them to be taken, and put them through fermentation, single cause of dissolution. Furthermore dissolution is itself a more extensive division of bodies, or an absolute disjunction, and exact mix of all their parts. Sometimes in these circumstances that the disjointed parts and an opposite nature coming together to meet, collide and are waging a battle in which case we gave the fermentation name, [it is the battle of the two natures , one of sulphurous origin, or rather another mercurial lunar origin; one is also called SULPHUR RED or dye and one SULPHUR WHITE, cf. chemistry and alchemy] after which they unite again, but after that was purged from their abroad that causes corruption and prevents the union to be perfect; but after his complete separation, the union is so intimate that all the efforts of Nature to separate would be null and insufficient. So will the bodies and souls of the just judgment and after purification.

After extracting the dye, it remains behind a refractory land we call earth damned, because as sin, it is the cause of death and suffering. We must reject it carefully because it is that which prevents the ingress of dyeing, and causes down here antipathy and enmity among beings.

Boiling which usually accompanies the fermentation is depicted in our books as a battle between two champions, one of which must overcome the other, and put him to death; but do not take [this] quite literally. The boiling must not be issued until release of gas looking to get in balance, or by mixing, or by extension.

(the image of the Green Lion; Residence Besançon, Boulot – cliché Alain Mauranne)

Similarly, when we speak of Hermetic Seal; it does not have to hear the exact closure of the vase fool fence and that would be more harmful than useful, since it would prevent manipulation as well as the separation and combination of substances in due time and proportions. We call and the meeting of several substances in one, so as not to separate them, for home, or in our language, open is the same as dissolving, and close, the same as set. We have seven seals corresponding to the seven planetary body, and knows one, knows all the others.

We also use a lot of terms familiar to the vulgar chemistry; must it be known once and for all that distill cohober, sublimate, calcining, reverberate, incérer etc. are with us from the beginning to the end a single operation, which is to dissolve and coagulate, which is the same as wet and dry, and that any learner can do. [it is by coction and fractionated décocotion that carries the alchemist, see Mercury]

Now that you have the main Enigmas solution that obscure our language and prevent or delay at least understanding, I will explain what it is that our philosophical marriage Beya and Gabertin. You must know by now that the red dye, which is the fixed Sulphur philosophers, and sometimes they call Lion, sometimes spirits of very sour wine or vinegar, and sometimes done here orpiment male function and is called Gabertin. Mercury or the white Tincture they call Moon, silver, water spirits, vinegar, arsenic, magnesium, leafy earth etc. Here is the office of female and is called Beya. [all names are mixed in here u inextriquable network: the lion is the hieroglyph of Mercury is unprepared, and it is then said green, be prepared and then it is the Red Lion. The very sour vinegar Artephius is the first form of this Mercury, very Pontic, which corresponds to senex Mercurius Jung. As to the Moon, it corresponds to the moon or sputum to the white foam and it is the ground which falls within the transaction processing by the alum vitriol.]

He must also know that these two substances, sulfur and Mercury that the little peasant called the two flowers, [the small peasant, cf. 1, 2, 3, 4] together constitute a single Mercury, said hermaphrodite, or rather androgynous, meaning male and female; in the operation that I will describe, they are alternately functions; therefore they are often given to one another and the same names, but especially that of Mercury, however, in making a small difference essential to know; they then put before the name of Mercury the first word to express the white dye. they call it Green Lion, Red Lion and Sulphur. If they call Mercury water spirits, vinegar, arsenic, magnesium, Moon, silver, they call [same remark as before: very sour vinegar has never meant that the first Mercury; we insisted several times on the confusion, moreover, between the White Sulphur obtained under a mercurial product and Mercury itself. Confusion holding, in truth, what a body, moreover very widespread, is a white Mixed containing sulfur and one of the main parts of Mercury, cf. Fontenay] a fair comparison and proportion red dye, Spirit of wine, very sour vinegar, orpiment, realgar, bright gold, Sun etc.

For last observation, I would point out that mercury is only a salt invert this mercurial substance; the Sulphur himself is never without Salt, nor the salt without Mercury, which makes you see clearly up in a three substances, substances which we call, for our accommodation. Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. [Note that we did not write a specific section on Salt; However, we find many details on this compound in chemistry and alchemy and in many other pages]

To proceed to the philosophical marriage, you separate your two Red Dye, and you let dry out some, putting each other apart for the need. How many people have failed, for ignoring this precaution! They believed that bleach the red, white and blush, was only an ordinary and necessary result of the march of the great work, and that all this was done to oneself. Let them know that red is fed white and red white; white is taken for the milk we feed the newborn child, or the virginal dress. As red, it expresses or increase the fire, or the clothing of change, it is taken by some for the Royal Coat. [Another secret of the most important of the work, which joins the mystery of color. Never has any follower clearly expressed the hidden operation by the “partition” of the stain. Canseliet spoke in his Alchemy explained on its classic texts, from “glass provision”, which must mean that the sulfur embedded in the oleum vitri – which is the nature of vase – must be gradually separated, but it is only a conjecture]

So you will proceed to imbibitions on one half of your Sulphur, you have left dry, with white Mercury, according to weights and measures you already use and will continue so until complete saturation and that matter remains liquid at the bottom of the vessel, that is to say muddy. If you have surgery, you will get in forty days the dissolution of the body after which will come the fermentation and putrefaction. [on these 40 days, cf. wet metal radical]

In the fermentation, the material swells, rises and makes a little noise like an anthill; and when the decay will happen, the material collapses and black. It was only when she arrived at the perfect blackness, named head of the Raven, she is undergoing putrefaction. This is only the raw material of our work, that material found nowhere in the land of the living, however we do not create, but which is said to have flown over our heads, because that mercury having been sublimated nine times, the sulfur is still high above.

Philosophers are for the dissolution Mercury reign; it was during this reign that combine metallic them our principles, but it is here as appetizers; it is only here that Reign of Saturn or during the dark they start to count, or they take the start of the work, because the three principles are bound irrevocably and that the Seal Hermes is accomplished. [traditionally texts evoke the top of a mountain where takes place the radical combination of materials; violet color is then – alluding to OVI, lime metal] This is the Nature vessel must be close and not an egg crystal or any other matter; and closing does not include the throat of a vase so that air can penetrate there, but the intimate junction of Salt and Sulphur and Mercury, so that we can do more separated by such art whatsoever. [Batsdorff in the Ariadne thread, discourses of this nature Envelope Sealers]

There needs no external light to reach the whiteness, the material in drying it happens by itself. First, it takes the color of gray ash as compared to the tin, and is called the seal of Jupiter; Then she comes by degrees to the whiteness; but before we get there we see a circle on the material various colors, red, yellow, blue and green which are compared to the iris or rainbow sky, and others call the tail of the peacock. These colors, which hardly last, are replaced by a film of a blackish brown that streak by desiccation and lets see the matter in a gray soon after, you can see the edges of the vase a capillary circle of great whiteness ; then the Reign of Jupiter, announced by the gray color and philosophers compare fire ash, eventually, to make way for that of the Moon. This circle is enlarged successively until the perfect whiteness of the material philosophers call rightly or Silver Moon, since weight of Medicine projected on the white 10 silver, and then 100 other imperfect metal , transmutes it into pure silver than the mines.

The money is employed on this occasion takes place here close, and without him there would be no transmutation, it is in this sense that we must hear what the Sages say: that without gold , no gold is not feasible; they hear about the closing. [Chevreul has shown any analogy that existed between this ferment and leaven the dough, cf. alchemical idea.]

This bleached earth has the appearance of a shiny diamond powder and is divided into small blades: this is because the sages have named their land foliage in which they recommend to sow their OR, it is not as we see only half a generation, that is why we must continue the work if we want to reach perfection. [Fulcanelli wrote that we must “enter” gold and texts compare to that of ripening ears of wheat, cf. Theatre of Terrestrial Astronomy Edward Kelly]

You have to give this land to the culture required before sow gold, otherwise he would not fructifierait.

So we start the imbibitions with white mercury, according to previously observed measure. Using a well-observed fire, matter steals more and more, is covered with greenery, after which it begins to turn yellow and takes an orange that she could not overcome if the fire was increased .

This green as sung by poets, and if recommended by all philosophers is the reign of the beautiful Venus, which follows that of Mars is orange.

You remember giving two shares your Red dye: you just blanch the first, it must now be ashamed. So take the tincture in reserve, dissolve it projecting above the philosophical mercury and proceed with the tincture to imbibitions until the material reaches a beautiful red and dark purple poppy.

This is the medicine of the first order, both at Blanc Rouge, which heals all diseases when in use without metal addition, in an appropriate vehicle to evil, according to the prudence required, and with the addition, as close, two perfect metals, transmuted into gold or silver all the imperfect metals, such as copper, lead, tin, etc.

Previously than attempt a projection, try the material on a red-hot copper strip to fire. If Smokeless background is in the desired state, otherwise it should continue the fire.




Multiplication is nothing but a repetition of all the work, from the philosophical marriage. You only have the task of sharing his two terms in the circle of whiteness and redness that, in order to proceed with the remaining half imbibitions with parents of the same blood. Mercury as well as the red dye in their first state, here are too imperfect to be able to combine our medicine.

You will carefully each dissolution Mercury, to separate a damned land rushes and you will reject with the less scruple, it is absolutely refractory, and prevents the ingress of matter in metals .

With all the conditions I have described above, without omitting anything, you will surely reach the desired goal if Philosophy.

However, do not try to override the sacred number nine, because the material if it is fixed, would have acquired a great fluidity and expansion, that no vessel can not contain it, it would be entirely lost.

With that, my brother, thank God for the grace he has made you, and I thank him for this helps in your plans, if they are rights, and that you remain in the paths of good.