“The Universal Process Of A Dying Cappucine Monk”, 1672





In the Name of God, take some of the whitest sea salt which the ships bring from the Island of St. Huber in Spain. First it should be calcined by the rays of the sun. Let this salt dry in a warm room, then grind it in a glass mortar to a fine powder and dissolve it in dew.

During the month of May or June, when there is a full moon, observe when dew is gathering while the wind is blowing from the east or south during the day or the night before. Go to a field and drive some stakes of wood into the ground about 1 1/2 feet deep and in the shape

of a triangle. This way, you can put a sheet of glass on top of the stakes. The dew can gather on this in the morning. Under it, have a few glass containers handy into which the dew can flow. You have to repeat this with many containers in order to collect enough dew. The full moon quarter is best for this, afterwards it does not have enough strength. Put the gathered dew into glass containers, lute them and store them in the cellar until you need them.

When you want to start this holy process, put as much as you want of the retained dew into a flask. Little by little, add some of the sea-salt powder. Continue with this until the water becomes saturated and you see undissolved sea-salt at the bottom of the flask. This is the way it should be because the dew will have the right weight.

Take a 1/2 pound of this solution and pour it into a shortnecked phial, filling it half way. Close the opening with a glass stopper and lute it, so that the Universal Spirit can not escape. Put the phialinto a water bath so that the dew can putrify. The dew has to digest for 42 days and nights (a “Philosophical Month”) over a low flame.

You will see the matter blacken which is the sign of Putrefaction. (Crow’: Head) Put the phial into a Balneum Siccum and coagulate the water over a gentle flame. This will take place within 14 days and nights. You will see a gray salt coating the sides and bottom of the vessel. Before this becomes too dry, remove it from the flame and let the phial cool a little. Then replace the phial back into the water bath over a gentle flame for 40 days and nights after which the salt will dissolve again into the water. When it blackens again, put it back into the Balneum Siccum so the water can coagulate again. As soon as you see the grey salt appearing, let it cool and put back in the water bath. Repeat this process for a total of five times. The water should be light and clear as crystal and, after coagulation, the salt will be as white as snow.

Put some of it onto a glowing metal plate. When, it flows like wax it is tested (proven). Do not take the salt out of the phial; put it back into the waterbath. It will dissolve again into water but will be reduced by one third. Instead of salt water, you will have a sweet and drinkable water, the greatest medicine on earth. Give 25 drops of this to a person and he will be cured of the most serious of illnesses.

There are much greater secrets in this water, but I am sworn to silence. You will be able, yourself, to recognize enough of this power of Heaven and earth. Sapiente Satis.

If you want to make a tincture of metals, proceed as follows: Pour

as much water into the phial as you need, put it well-luted in an ashcupel over such a gentle flame so that the glass gets only warm. Open it and add little by little, some gold oxide or some finely laminated gold leaf, until the water cannot absorb any more. This you will be able to observe the following day, (you can proceed the same way with silver, getting a white tincture – the work is the same). The water

now has the right weight with the gold added. Pour this solution, without the undissolved gold (decant) into a clean phial, about 1/4 full.

Seal it hermetically, put it into a water bath and let it stand over a

gentle flame 40 days and nights. You will observe a lot of black matter. As soon as this is observed, put it into the Balneum Siccum, once again placing it over a gentle flame until you hear a noise like water and ice and see some beautiful colours and, most remarkably also, the creation of the world! After the 12th. or 13th. day, it will change into a reddish-brown powder like red Cinnabar. The White Tincture, however, will transmute into a crystalline matter.

This red powder you can project onto metals in the following manner: Take five (5) parts of gold or silver, encase one part of the powder in wax and put it over the metal in a sealed container. This you stand over high heat for one hour. When you take the container off the fire, the gold will be brittle.

Encase one part of this brittle gold in wax & add it to 10 parts of inferiour metal in a liquid state. After one hour, this will have transformed into best gold.

I advise you to be carefull with this powder, do not waste it. If you put this reddish-brown powder in a phial in the waterbath, you willhave a red oil within 35 days and nights. With silver you will have a light blue oil. If you take 3 drops of this oil with champagne, it can heal all wounds, it radically cures all illnesses, it will keep a human healthy to the end of his days by making him lose all his hair and nails and then making them grow back again, new and youthful. This also will cure everything by creating a high temperature and lost strength will be regained within a short time. Quod per Deum testar possum.

If you put one end of a silver coin into the red oil, it will transform this part into gold immediately without harming the print. If you want to project the oil still further, put it again into the Balneum Siccum. Within 10 days it will transform into a powder with the most beautiful colours, only, much redder and prettier than before, glowing like a ruby or carbuncle. With silver, the powder will look like snow.

If you put one part of this onto 50 parts of Molten Gold (if using silver powder, use molten silver) and let this flow together vigorously for one hour. The Gold or silver will transform into a tincture. Of this, encase one part in wax and add it to 100 parts of molten metal over a high flame. You will have fine gold after one hour. . –

If you want to further augment your tincture, put the powder in a phial into a waterbath for a 3rd. time. Within 30 days you will have a dark red oil from gold and a white oil from silver.

One single drop of this in wine will perform the already described wonders. You only take the dose two times a year, as this medicine is very fiery. You have to be careful because both body and soul are affected .

Continue with this oil a fourth time like before, putting the phial into the Balneum Siccum. The oil will coagulate again. You will observe all kinds of colours and living things moving up and down. In the end it will become a dark red powder again.

Encase one part of this powder in wax and add it to 500 parts of molten gold (or, if using the white tincture, to molten silver). The gold or silver will transform into a tincture. Again, encase one part of this tincture in wax and add it to 1000 parts of inferior molten metal, after one hour you will have the finest of gold or silver.

You will have to continue five times with this dissolution and coagulation of the first medicine. After the fourth coagulation you will have a tincture. Of this take one part and add to it 5000 parts of molten gold (or silver) transforming it into a tincture. Take one part of the tincture and encase it in wax and add it to 10,000 parts inferiour metal in molten state. After an hour, it will all be the finest gold (or silver ). You take the first powder or tincture,if, without fermenting it further and, after dissolving and coagulating it five times, you strengthen and augment it, within 24 hours you will have an incredibly red powder or, from the white, a white crystalline powder. Of this last coagulated powder put one part with a molten fifty mark gold coin (or white on silver). After one hour, the gold or silver will be a tincture. Put one part of this with 100,000 parts of molten inferiour metal. After one hour it will be exquisite gold.

I got so far with this and no further. Otherwise it will seep through the glass and disappear into the air with the most delicious sm

Take note, during your work, many Fratres Rosea Crucis will come to you because you caused them to see it.

Observe, I wrote down this holy secret and swear by it on by belief of the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ. I sign this with my blood on my death-bed, on my last day on earth.