Red Lion

Dragon’s Blood

Mercury of the Philosophers

Caput Mortuum

Sal Ammoniac


Aqua Vitae


Universal Menstruum



Aqua Ardens







Terra Foliata

Earth of Leaves, Stinking Earth, Foliated Earth

Seal of Hermes




Gabritius & Beya

Medicine of the First Order

Medicines which being cast upon imperfect Bodies take not away their Corruption or Imperfection but only give Tincture which in Examination flies away and vanishes

Every preparation of Minerals which projected upon the imperfect Bodies impresses upon them an Alteration, but induces not a sufficient Complement; yet the altered Body is thereby changed and Corrupted with the total vanishing of the Medicine, and all its Impressions which changes with a mutation not durable by diminish­ing it self by Exhalation or Evaporation

Medicine of the Second Order

Medicines which being cast upon Imperfect Bodies tinge them in examination with a true Tincture but take not away wholly their Corruption

Every preparation which being projected upon Bodies diminished from perfection alters them to some certain degrees of perfection, wholly leaving other degrees of Corruption as is the Calcination of Bodies by which all that is fugitive is burnt away and Consumed, and of this Order are the Medicines Tinging Luna perpetu­ally yellow, or perpetually dealbating Venus, leaving other differences of Corruption in them

That which does indeed perfect imperfect Bodies with one only difference of per­fection but seeing there are many causes of Corruption in every of the imperfect Bodies as in Saturn a Volatile Sulphureity fugitive Argent Vive and its Terrestreity: therefore Medicines of this second Order are such as can only remove one of them or covering it adorn the same leaving behind it all the other causes of Imperfection

Medicine of the Third Order

Medicines which being cast upon Imperfect Bodies not only perfectly tinge them but also take away all their Corruption and Impurities  making them incorrupt and perfect

Every preparation which when it is projected upon Bodies takes away all Corruption and perfects them with all the differences or signs of perfection, a twofold Medicine Solar and Lunar yet but one in Essence and which have but one way in Operating

The Medicine of this Third Order is not diverse in Essence from the Medicines of the second Order, but only in respect of Degrees, as being more subtilized, and exalted to a much higher degree of Purity, Tincture, and Fixity, in the making and preparation thereof, with a long continued course of Labour

The Highest and most Universal Aurum Potabile of the earliest ages, the Red Stone

First Water

Second Water

Third Water

First Mestruum

Second Menstruum

Third Menstruum

The Second Water,

Fire of Nature

A matter which is potentially Gold, A Body white and clear, A bright living crystalline Water, A mighty Vapor, The cause of Multiplication, That which congeals, Salt of the Earth, Air containing Water, Our Light, Our Nitre, Vegetable Heat, White Fume, Aqua Vitae

Fire Against Nature

The Moist Fire, The Secret Fire, The Third Fire, Fire Of Water, The cause of Putrefaction, The strongest Water in the world, The Humour or Tincture drawn out of Body of Venus Dissolved in its Mineral Spirit, Where the King and Queen bathe themselves, Water full of Fire, That which reduces gold to its first matter, That which tears bodies to pieces, Mineral Water, Our Vinegar, Our Dissolvent, Our Dragon, Aqua Fortis


Extraction Of Natures,


Circulatum Majus

Circulatum Minor

Virgin’s Milk (Lac Virginis)

The Mercurial Oil of Salt putrefied and alembicated

Diana’s Tears

Green Lion

Virgin’s Milk

Water That Does Not Wet The Hands